Basketball Registration

I. Roster size* 
        a.  10 players per roster, up to coach discretion
        b.  will create two teams if 16+ kids in an age group
                i. if a coach is available
                ii. can have ‘A’ and ‘B’ team for 10-16U but no ‘C’ team
        c.  will carry practice squad for 10U & 12U

II. Creating teams (age as of August 31, 2019)*
        a.  determined by age for 10U, 12U, 14U
        b.  combined tryout for ages 16U, 18U
                i. top 8-10 (talent based) players for Varsity level - per coaches discretion.
                        1. No b-team for Varsity level
                                a. 18U players who don’t make Varsity team will be given option to play on the JV team
                                        i. 18U player on JV will not be able to play in homeschool tournaments (including Conference
 Regional Championships)
                                        ii. 18U player on JV team will not be be permitted to play against homeschool teams unless agreed upon by opposing team.
                ii. next 8-10 (talent based) players for JV level - per coaches discretion.

III. Playing up* 
        a.  Players can play up 1 age group
                i.  team must be down to 7 (or less) players for a game before pulling a player up from a younger roster.
                ii. older team can pull up to make a ‘per game’ roster of 8 players. 

*subject to change prior to 1st practice (Aug 26, 2019)

IV. Fees
        a.  Ages 10U - 12U: $425
        b. Ages 14U - 18U: $550

          This includes practices on Mon & Thu nights as we have traditionally done and an additional practice for skills development on Friday afternoons from 1-3pm at The Gym. The Friday practices will not be a team practice but will be lead by a basketball trainer with the help of LHC program coaches to develop skills such as ball handling, shooting, agility, conditioning and basketball related other skills.

V.       Tournaments
          The program is planning to attend the following tournaments for this season.  The registration fees for these tournaments (with the exception of National’s) is included  in the registration fees.  The Boys and Girls teams are scheduled to attend Nationals and should plan accordingly.  The other age groups are welcomed to attend            Nationals and the decision to attend will be left up to those teams to decide.
          a.  LHC Tip Off Challenge (Humble, The Gym): Nov 9th-10th
          b.  Brazos Valley (NCHC) Conference Championship - Houston area: date TBD
          c.  Big South (NCHC) Regional Championship - Dallas area: Date: TBD
          d.  Nationals (NCHC) Championships - Springfield, MO: Date: TBD

Partial Payments
Coaches Registration