Medical Release

Conquerors Youth, Education and Training (CYET)


We do hereby release, absolve and hold harmless the directors, coaches and adult leaders of CYET, Inc. from any and all liability for all losses, damages or injuries occurring as a result of our child’s presence or participation in any sponsored activities. We also absolve and hold harmless any facility and its directors that CYET is using for its activities. We further agree to make or cause to be made, by assignment of third part benefits or otherwise, full and complete payment for examination, treatment or hospital care required in the case of a medical emergency.

Furthermore, we hereby authorize, in the event of an injury, any director, coach, medical attendant or adult leader in CYET, Inc. to consent to emergency medical treatment for our child when we cannot be contacted to give consent. Such medical treatment may include, without limitation, x-ray examinations, anesthetic, medical, surgical examination or treatment, and general hospital care.

Except as noted below, this authorization is given to provide authority and power on the part of a director, coach, or adult leader of CYET to give specific consent to any and all such examination, treatment or hospital care. Except as noted below, we specifically give our consent for first aid treatment with bandages, antibiotic ointment, hydrogen peroxide and/or ibuprofen. Listed below are any prescriptions medications that our child takes on a regular basis.

We hereby verify that we understand and accept the terms of this Liability Release and Medical Authorization: 

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