Parent & Players Code of Conduct

Parents’ Code of Conduct: 

I recognize that by allowing my child to play on the LHC basketball team, I will be actively involved in the following ways:

1.  I will ensure my child is home educated and he/she is passing all subjects. If my child does not maintain a satisfactory level, I will notify the coach. 

2.  I will encourage my child to abide by the team rules and program guidelines (see Athletes’ Code of Conduct).

3.  I will remain under control during all games. I will not yell at game officials, my child, Conqueror players and coaches, or the opposing players, coaches or parents. 

4. I understand and will abide by the LHC program appeal process: If I have an issue with an individual, I will go to that person seeking resolution. If we are not able to resolve the issue, I will speak with the individual and the coach or the Program Director together. If we are still not able to resolve the issue, the Program Director has the sole discretion as to whether the matter should be taken to the entire LHC governing body.

5. I recognize that the Conquerors program is a competitive basketball program and that playing time is at the sole discretion of the coach, based on his/her decisions as to what will make the team the most competitive. I also understand that the coach does not have to answer any inquiries about my child’s playing time and is not obligated to explain how playing time is determined.

6. I will meet my financial obligations to the program in a timely manner.

7. I understand that if I fail to abide by this code of conduct, the LHC governing body has the authority to ask my family to leave the program and no fees would be refunded.


Athletes’ Code of Conduct:

By joining the LHC basketball team, I agree to uphold the following program rules:

1. I will demonstrate the character quality of attentiveness by listening to the instructions of my coaches.

2. I will demonstrate the character quality of faithfulness by attending to the best of my ability all practices and games.

3. I will demonstrate the character quality of orderliness by abiding by the following dress codes:


Maintain a clean-cut appearance during the season (Guys – no earrings, no radical hairstyles or colors, no tattoos, and no body piercing. Girls- no radical hairstyles or colors, no tattoos or body piercing. Girls may have pierced ears). Dress appropriately for all team events. (Coaches shall determine game attire. Guys- shirts required. Girls- no tank tops, open midriff shirts, or halters. Shorts are to be mid-thigh in length. Skirts, dresses must be at least mid-thigh in length.

4. I will maintain a positive, teachable attitude no matter how much playing time I receive, how fair the officiating is or is not, and whether we win or lose.

5.  I will demonstrate the character quality of self-control by not participating in the use of profane language, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. 

6.  During all trips, practices, and games, I will keep my focus on basketball and avoid pairing off with a person of the opposite sex and I will refrain from any public display of affection

7.  I will demonstrate the character quality of discipline by following the rules established by my team.