Middle School: ages 11-14 (as of Sept 1, 2021)

High School: ages 15-18 (as of Sept 1, 2021) 


The registration price is $135 plus a $5 recovery fee for credit card payments.  Register by Sunday, January 30, 2022.


To register:

1. Click Add to Cart

2. Once in your cart you may select a larger quantity to reflect the number of athletes you are registering.** 

3. View Cart

4. Check Out

5. Then proceed to fill in family/player-specific info.


COUPON CODES: {use only if pre-approved by track director, Laura}

HC22 - Head Coach - 50%

AC22 - Assist Coach - 25%


**If you have 3+ athletes, you cannot register online. Please fill out the printable registration form, scan in the completed form, and email it to LHCbballfinancial@gmail.com to get an accurate total amount due.**

MIDDLE SCHOOL Track Reg NO Uniform